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Interactive proof, computational and complexity theory

Interactive proof is a computational model where two or more turing machines iterac: A verifier which is a PTM with polynomial time restriction and one or more provers, at begining with no time or space limitation. It has applications in criptografy and also give us a caracterization of some complexity classes like PSPACE and NEXP. One of its variants, PCP , allow us to caracterize NP.

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Is there a sufficiently reachable plausibility argument that $\pi$ is irrational?

I was teaching someone earlier today (precisely, a twelve-year-old) and we came upon a problem on circles. Little did I know in what direction it would lead. I was able to give a quick plausibility argument that all circles are similar and that they…
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How to publicly convince someone you know their secret without letting anyone else know?

To fix ideas, suppose you're sitting at a dinner table with some friends, among whom a pregnant couple. They know, but want to keep it a secret, whether their child will be a boy or a girl, which is why they use the gender-neutral 'it' when…
Bart Michels
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Does this prove the Inscribed Rectangle/Square Theorem?

Imagine a circle, with four points on it forming a rectangle. Twisting and bending this circle along those four points, any curve can be produced. $\blacksquare$ Is this a proof of the Inscribed Rectangle Theorem? I thought this up the other day…
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Visual proof of Gauss Theorem?

I saw some proofs about Gauss Theorem here but I could not understand everything about it. Is it possible to have a visual proof of Gauss Theorem, as it can be very interesting to understand and see.
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Zero Knowledge Proof - Interactive Prover

Let us take an known example for the zero-knowledge proof like the Graphisomorphism (NP). I know there are different versions how to formulate an zero knowledge example for this problem but for this question it doens't matter. I would like to know…
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Size of coefficients in the proof of IP=PSPACE

I'm referring to the proof by Shamir. The polynomials transmitted in the protocol are of degree $\leq n$. Why does it mean that the polynomials could be transmitted in a polynomial size message? Is there some bound on the size of the…