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This tag is for questions about recommendation of books for some particular area, topic, problem. Use this tag together with (reference-request) tag.

Any question where you require a recommendation of textbooks or literature on a particular area, topic or problem merits the usage of this tag.

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What books must every math undergraduate read?

I'm still a student, but the same books keep getting named by my tutors (Rudin, Royden). I've read Baby Rudin and begun Royden though I'm unsure if there are other books that I "should" be working on if I want to study beyond Masters. I'm not there…
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Good books and lecture notes about category theory.

What are the best books and lecture notes on category theory?
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Teaching myself differential topology and differential geometry

I have a hazy notion of some stuff in differential geometry and a better, but still not quite rigorous understanding of basics of differential topology. I have decided to fix this lacuna once for all. Unfortunately I cannot attend a course right…
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Books on Number Theory for Layman

Books on Number Theory for anyone who loves Mathematics? (Beginner to Advanced & just for someone who has a basic grasp of math)
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What is a good complex analysis textbook, barring Ahlfors's?

I'm out of college, and trying to self-learn complex analysis. I'm finding Ahlfors' text difficult. Any recommendations? I'm probably at an intermediate sophistication level for an undergrad. (Bonus points if the text has a section on the Riemann…
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Good book for self study of a First Course in Real Analysis

Does anyone have a recommendation for a book to use for the self study of real analysis? Several years ago when I completed about half a semester of Real Analysis I, the instructor used "Introduction to Analysis" by Gaughan. While it's a good book,…
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The Best of Dover Books (a.k.a the best cheap mathematical texts)

Perhaps this is a repeat question -- let me know if it is -- but I am interested in knowing the best of Dover mathematics books. The reason is because Dover books are very cheap and most other books are not: For example, while something like…
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Best book of topology for beginner?

I am a graduate student of math right now but I was not able to get a topology subject in my undergrad... I just would like to know if you guys know the best one..
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What are good books to learn graph theory?

What are some of the best books on graph theory, particularly directed towards an upper division undergraduate student who has taken most the standard undergraduate courses? I'm learning graph theory as part of a combinatorics course, and would like…
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Good Book On Combinatorics

What is your recommendation for an in-depth introductory combinatoric book? A book that doesn't just tell you about the multiplication principle, but rather shows the whole logic behind the questions with full proofs. The book should be for a…
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Good abstract algebra books for self study

Last semester I picked up an algebra course at my university, which unfortunately was scheduled during my exams of my major (I'm a computer science major). So I had to self study the material, however, the self written syllabus was not self study…
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Non-textbook Math book recommendation to read to my kids

I'm looking for a book to read to my kids. NOT a kids book, but not too mature for a kid. My youngest kid that reads with me is 6 and the eldest is 10. I'm looking for a book that is good literature, and is hard to put down. Also maybe a book that…
Jeremy Campbell
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Unconventional mathematics books

I've recently purchased Oliver Byrne's reproduction of Euclid's Elements. It's a beautiful tome, that's rather unique in its presentation of the material as it demonstrates many of Euclid's proofs as lurid and lusciously coloured geometric figures.…
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Self-studying real analysis — Tao or Rudin?

The reference requests for analysis books have become so numerous as to blot out any usefulness they could conceivably have had. So here comes another one. Recently I've began to learn real analysis via Rudin. I would do all the exercises, and if I…
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Good 1st PDE book for self study

What is a good PDE book suitable for self study? I'm looking for a book that doesn't require much prerequisite knowledge beyond undergraduate-level analysis. My goal is to understand basic solutions techniques as well as some basic theory.
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