I'm not too sure whether this is the right place to ask this (and please correct me if it is not), but I'm currently studying a course in Algebraic Number Theory and would like to be pointed in the direction of any solved problems that can assist in learning.

I have the book Problems in Algebraic Number Theory by Murty and Esmonde, which is particularly good, but are there any further sources (inc. online) available that do a similar job?

It is so often frustrating to be presented with an extensive list of practice questions, many of which form part of the exposition of the material (as in Number Fields by Marcus for example) and then to have no real way of knowing whether any solution you generate is correct and has not made any oversights.

MSE is undoubtedly a good place to verify any answers and clear up issues, but question limits and the impracticality of going online every time a solution seems suspect (or the question is computational and lacks any result to check against) form a barrier.

I suppose any ANT textbook that has an accompanying solutions manual or online published solutions is what I have in mind. Or failing that, links to institutions running a course in ANT with answers to homework exercises.

Thanks in advance.

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Robert Ash's book on algebraic number theory, which can be found here:


contains solutions to all the exercises.

Pete Klimek
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The lecture notes of J. S. Milne on algebraic number theory has exercises with solutions, see http://www.jmilne.org/math/CourseNotes/ant.html,

appendix A: Solutions to the exercises.

Dietrich Burde
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  • Many thanks. Both your answer and that of @Pete Klimek have been very useful. The decision is to which I should accept was arbitrary. – Mathmo Apr 15 '14 at 20:30